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The pathway of hope


Together we are Paving the way with love and care for our community!

We have kicked off fundraising for the “Homeless Project “ for Thomasville,NC

We are in desperate need of a homeless shelter for Thomasville!

We are seeing families with children, elderly, disabled ….homeless! It is so hard to watch a child have to crawl back into a car as their home!

 Together, we can get a homeless shelter in place before the return of winter!

Please give today!

Check the comments for ways for your family , Church or business to give, and be a part of this life-changing project! 

Be sure and mark your donation

“homeless project” so that we can add you as among the amazing folks paving the path of Hope!

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Ways to give:


Mail : The Father's Storehouse Ministries,

PO Box 2371, Thomasville, NC 27361

In person: 609 National Highway in Thomasville, North Carolina


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