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About Us

In 2007 our family came to the realization that there is indeed a “Mission Field” right here in our communities.    As a result, The Father’s Storehouse Ministries was founded by the Ward family, as a Mission Church 501c3, non profit, to bridge the gap, and meet the needs of families living in poverty.  It is truly a labor of love, staffed by 100% volunteers, with no salaries drawn.
Thousands of families have been helped through The Father’s Storehouse , we have an awesome God who is faithful to supply His house, and meet the needs!     Christian people with a heart for missions come together as the hands and feet of Christ, and make The Father’s Storehouse an awesome ministry that impacts the needs of the community in a Big way!!
Favor of God is obvious on this house!    Ten years of meeting needs, with no income, but God’s on time provision!!  Now THAT is something to be thankful for!!  Thank you LORD!!
We look towards the future with Faith in God, and Faith in the goodness of His people…….

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