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Thanksgiving Blessing Boxes

We are looking for sponsors for Thanksgiving blessing boxes

You can put a blessing box together with your family, kids, grandkids, your small group, Sunday school class, your work group etc.

On blessing box drop off day you will enjoy being a part of the chapel filled with blessing boxes for families in need!!

What goes in a blessing box?

Fill a banana box with :

A frozen whole turkey any size

Two cans of green beans

Two cans of corn

Two of the better macaroni and cheese

Two boxes of stuffing

Two cans of sweet potato or yams

5 to 10 pound of potatoes for mashed potatoes

A 2 L drink

A pack of dinner rolls 24 count if possible for leftover

A dessert cake or a pie

You can add additional items if you like but that's totally up to you

Some ideas for extra items if you so choose are butter, canned milk, cream of chicken/mushroom

Foil pan for the turkey cooking

Extra items are not necessary But feel free to add what you think would be a blessing

Boxes are to be delivered on November 21

8 AM to 1 PM. 609 National Highway in Thomasville, NC 27360.

Bring your box to the chapel and enjoy seeing all of the wonderful blessing about to happen!

Then when you sit down for your Thanksgiving you will know that you have blessed someone in need with a wonderful Thanksgiving meal as well!!!!

If you cannot put a box together and you would like to donate money for our volunteers to put one together on your behalf we suggest a donation of $50

For your convenience here is the PayPal link For donations

Or our address

The Father's Storehouse Ministries

609 National Highway

Thomasville, NC 27360


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