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In Need?

In need???

Join us for one of July programs!

July13th, July 14, July 20, July 21

Check in by 9 AM to be a part of that days program.

We assist with

*Encouraging guest speaker

* Tents

* showers

* lunch.

* food boxes

* clothing /shoes/ undergarments

* hygiene and cleaning items

* sheets Comforters etc.

* baby bed, Walker, bathtub, etc. Diapers

* adult pull ups

* dishes, pots and pans, silverware etc.

Get your file established to be a part of back to school, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.

Check in by 9 AM

Thomasville bus will stop if you call ahead

The Father’s Storehouse Ministries

609 National Highway,

Thomasville North Carolina


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