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Prayerful Decisions

We ask you to pray and ask God if He would have you give to help The Father's Store house continue to feed and cloth those in poverty, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

As a Mission church we fall into a unique category when it comes to a loan for our much needed building! Churches are required to have tithers to be eligible for a loan, and as you know we do not receive tithe from the impoverished families that we help.

That means, it is up to you and I giving our best gift to meet this urgent need of a one story* building! Will you pray and ask God what he would have you give?

Recently someone asked "why does God need our money?" God does not need our money, HE owns it all. He ask us to love each other, to feed and cloth the poor, to share the gospel....and that takes money...for facilities, for utilities, food, hygiene etc. no salaries are drawn and we are giving towards this urgent need along with you

Will you Stop and pray?

(If you are not familiar we have been renting for the past 12 years and are currently in a building that is too small, it’s also two-story which means the handicap and the seniors cannot benefit from all that is available to them, and the roof is leaking so bad the ceiling tiles are falling down all around us, and finally We noticed that our donations have dropped during this COVID-19 making us realize the importance of being in a building that is paid for so that we can stand steadfast during emergencies. And finally, the building that we have in mind is spacious enough that we can better promote social distancing)



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