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Homeless project

A lot of you will receive a fundraiser brochure and envelope with the opportunity to give to the homeless project. Please jump in and give to help us bring the homeless shelter and pods to fruition.

If you have the ability to give 50 or $100 each month through July that would really be helpful there are 170,000 people in Davidson County if we could get 3000 people to do that we would have the funds to take care of the homeless shelter!

We do have a property in mind and there is a nice building that we can use for shelter space as well as homeless pods outside

But first, we have to have the funds to purchase it! Everyone please jump in the mailing address is

Please mark your donation "homeless project"

The Father's Storehouse

PO Box 2371,

Thomasville, NC 27361

Thank you guys we are so excited about what God is doing!


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