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Holiday help… Turkeys, ham, child sponsors, $10 toys and up

Turkey turkey gobble Turkey, Turkey, Gobble, Gobble

The needs are many! We are going to need you ALL to take a look at this list and see what might be doable for you!

This is what we are needing For families in need…

*By November 9.....200 turkeys needed… Sponsors to drop off a turkey Nov 9 or $20 donations for us to order one We want every person in need of food to have a turkey for their family!

*By December 7......200 hams needed...drop one-off Dec 7 or $20 donation for us to order one. Wouldnt it be nice to add a ham to each person‘s food box for Christmas?

* Christmas sponsors for 225 children....Most sponsors usually spend somewhere between 75 and $100 per child that they sponsor. Sponsored Child’s items will need to be dropped off by Dec 14. $10 & up toys are appreciated or consider partnering with someone and splitting the sponsor ship. Whatever works for you will help us!

We will once again have a list of gender/Age./likes and wishes for sponsors to choose from

If you are someone we can count on please let us know today and

What area or areas you are able to help!

Feel free to share this with friends, family, coworkers. We need as much help as we can get!😊

(Note: we have to know ASAP on turkey sponsorship so that we can order turkeys.  money for turkey sponsorship would be due by the end of October . Money for ham sponsorship will be due by Nov 27)

Let’s be a light for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Amen?!

You may donate through our website By scrolling down to “donate”


Or Our mailing address is

PO Box 2371 Thomasville NC. 27361

Please include address if you would like a tax receipt Mailed to you. Also specify which fund you are donating to.

Thank you for helping us!!!

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