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December schedule

Dec 4. Monday

Free Community breakfast 8:30-11am

Premade food boxes 10-12

Donors can donate 9:30-1:30 pm

Volunteers meet at 9 am. Come join us

Dec 5. Tuesday

Program for seniors & Widows. Check in at 9 am

Donors can drop off 11. -1 pm

Dec 6. Wednesday

Program for all ages. Checking in 9 AM.

First 50 families

Donors can drop off 8-1 pm

Teen Night 5 to 8 PM

donations can be dropped off 5 to 8 PM

Dec 9. Saturday

Donor drop off. 10-12

December 11 Monday

Free community breakfast 8:30 AM until 11

Premade food boxes, 10 to 12

Shower available 930 to 12

Volunteers meet at 9 am

Volunteer meeting at 9 AM

Donations can be dropped off from 7 AM to 9 and 930 to 1pm

If you sponsored a child for Christmas, all toys are due 7 AM to 1 PM

December 12 Tuesday

Program for all ages check in at 9 AM

first 50 families admitted

Donations received 11 AM to 1 PM to avoid the guest speaker

December 13 Wednesday

Program for all ages check in at 9 AM

First 50 families admitted

December 14 Thursday

Volunteers will be working on Christmas 9-1

December 15 Friday

Parents who have children sponsored for Christmas will be picking up 9 AM to 12:30

Volunteer Christmas luncheon 1 Pm

December 18 Monday

Free community breakfast from 8:30 AM until 11 AM

Premade food boxes 10 AM to 12 PM

Showers available 930 until 12

Winter homeless shelter begins

December 25 Monday

We will not have community breakfast

Note: Our programs include an encouraging guest speaker, food boxes, the opportunity to shop for clothing, houseware, hygiene, cleaning supplies, furniture, enjoy lunch, take a shower, etc.


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