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August schedule

August schedule


August 1   National Night Out. Thomasville police station. 6 pm


August 2nd.  Teen night 5-8 pm donations received


August 7.    Monday  free breakfast 8:30-11am

                     Volunteer work day 9-1 Donations received


August 14.. Monday  free breakfast 8:30-11am

                     Volunteer work day 9-1.  Donation received


August 15   Tuesday  program day for seniors andWidows

                     Check in at 9 AM. Backpacks available for children

                      that you have custody of.


August 16.  Wednesday Program all ages welcome

                      Check in at 9 am.  School supplies


Donations received 11 AM to 1 PM


August 21.   Monday.  Free breakfast 8:30-11am

                      Volunteer work day 9-1.  Donations



August 22.    Tuesday . Program for all ages

                        check in 9 am. School supplies available


August 23.    Wednesday Program for all ages

                        Check in at 9 am.   School supplies



August 28.   Monday  Free breakfast. 8:30-11am

                      Volunteers  working 9-1. Donations



August 30.    Wednesday.  Teen night.  

Donations received 5-8 pm

                       ( This is September’s teen night due to Labor Day )


If you are in need, please visit us on our program days. Our programs include an encouraging Speaker, Hygiene cleaning supplies, diapers, furniture, houseware, shower,  haircuts, food, lunch, etc. etc..


The Father’s Storehouse Ministries, 609 National Highway, Thomasville, NC 27360




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