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Children who need your sponsorship for Christmas

OK this is the final list… If you were wanting to adopt a child for Christmas all of these are available as of 6:38 PM Wednesday, November 18

To sponsor a child you would need to spend $75-$100 per child you would be providing their whole Christmas. If you will comment below… Not under the pictures… Thank you so much let’s make Christmas bright for these children in need!

Bring your child’s items to The Father’s Storehouse Ministries December 148:30-12:30  or before. Unwrapped, with each of your bags labeled with your child’s number securely and clearly.

The Father’s Storehouse Ministries is located at 7JW Thomas Way, Thomasville, NC 27360

If you have not received a confirmation from us you are not yet that childs sponsor until we confirm

Thank you and God bless you all!

There are just a few on the previous list that I will post later this evening that did not get a sponsor


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